DAR National Day of Service

Gila Butte Daughters at Project C.U.R.E.

Each year on the anniversary of its founding, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) celebrates a National Day of Service, with each chapter fielding a special project. October 11, 2018, Gila Butte Chapter visited Project C.U.R.E. to help sort and package medical supplies for shipment, stock inventory, prepare for shipments and load containers.

Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) identifies, solicits, collects, sorts and distributes medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world. They have large distribution warehouses in six hubs across the U.S., with one located in Phoenix.

DAR’s National Day of Service is a project of the “Service to America Committee,” a national committee which was established to capture the magnitude of volunteer service provided by DAR volunteers. The committee encourages community service by all members on all levels as a means of honoring our service heritage.

DAR was founded by four determined women and a supporting cast of patriotic citizens. Decidedly not ladies of leisure, the four founders were anything but traditional. They founded DAR during a time of revival in patriotism and intense interest in the beginnings of America. At the time, women were frustrated by their exclusion from men’s organizations formed to perpetuate the memory of ancestors who fought to make this country free and independent. As a result, a group of pioneering women in the nation’s capital formed DAR, their own organization, of which one founder said, “We want a society based on service.”

Eligible women interested in service to their community and their nation are urged to contact Gila Butte DAR for membership information. Eligibility: Women over age 18 who can prove bloodline lineage to a patriot of the American Revolution. DAR does not discriminate based on religion, race or national origin. Call 480-802-6993 or access the chapter website, gilabutte.arizonadar.org.