Desert Threads Keeps up with Changes

Heidi Pridemore from the Whimsical Workshop presents to Desert Threads Quilters.

Heidi Pridemore from the Whimsical Workshop presents to Desert Threads Quilters.

Diana Jones

Recently, I was humming “Changes” by David Bowie from 1973. I pulled it up on my cell and listened. Sure makes me think about today’s times.

Today I was asked, “Have you ever taken the time to look back on your life with observer eyes?” It reminds us that change is inevitable. It also helps us to see the times we resisted change and when we embraced change. No matter which we chose, change still happened.

We have all faced change in our lives. We may have experienced change of location, or change in a relationship, or change in work, or a change in a way of life. What matters most is not that change has happened, but how we respond.

COVID-19 presents many of us with uncharted challenges and concerns. We may never again experience life the way we did just six months ago. The relationships we have developed and embraced are far more important now than ever before. Supporting and loving each other will help us move forward.

Desert Threads members are here supporting each other. Our love of everything fiber and sewing gives us a common bond. We are meeting using Zoom. Meeting via Zoom is a change (there’s that word again) in our meeting locations, but the schedule stays the same, second Wednesday of each month. We are asking questions about using Zoom and offering advice as to what works. And, of course, Show N Tell is always our favorite, no change there.

On Sept. 9, 2020, Heidi Pridemore, a nationally-known quilting instructor, presented a two-hour workshop via Zoom. She taught us how to create triangles, such as half square triangles (HST), quarter square triangles (QST), and flying geese, cat’s cradle, and more using different techniques and specific rulers. We had access to the supply list in case we wanted to purchase the ruler(s) before the workshop at a discounted rate on her website. She also gave us .pdf handouts and links to her tutorials for later use.

Yes, change is the name of the game, but Desert Threads quilters are working hard to keep up. If you have an interest in quilting, we invite you to join us. Desert Threads is a chapter of Arizona Quilters Guild. If you would like information on joining us, you may email [email protected] Quilters of all skills are welcome so come learn and share with us.

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both.” – Lana Lang

Without change, you’ll never experience anything new. With change, however, you’ll meet new people, experience new things, and grow in ways you never expected. When the change is painful, remember how beautiful your future can be.

My sincere thanks to Reverend Sheryl Padgett, Minister of The Unity Church of the White Mountains, for her insight to our rapidly-changing world.