Dr. Seuss, You Inspire Me: A Pickleball Rhyme

Rhonda Stanford

Dr. Seuss, you inspire me:

I served the ball, it hit the net

Play it now, it’s not a let.

One bounce, two bounce

And then a drop,

Get to the kitchen

Quick, hop, hop!

Dink it gently side to side.

But watch out, Not too wide!

First to 11 wins the game,

Pickleball, that’s the name!!

Stackers, Bangers and Lobbers, Oh my!

I lost the ball, the sun’s in my eye.

An overhead slam is easy to do,

But better watch out, the ball’s coming quick back at you.

“Did you see it in?” I ask,

Too close to call, we’ll give you a pass.

We love this game, it is addicting and FUN,

The game’s at the net, not too far to run.

So grab a friend, head to the park,

Playing game after game,

You’ll wonder when it got dark.

My ditty’s all done, I have made my rhyme,

So go out and play, and have a FUN time!