SLLGA April Results

Judy Wegener

Now that April is here, the signs are there of almost perfect golf weather and the migration of our snowbird friends leaving to escape the desert heat. We ask them to be safe, and we look forward to the winter season.

4/06 Fun Day:

Flight 1: 1st Judy Bray, 2nd Brenda Heyink, 3rd (tie) Nadine Stark and Nancy O’Donnell; Flight 2: 1st Jan Fletcher, 2nd Gloria Fronk, 3rd (tie) Karen Smith and Leo Liepold; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Kris Peterson and Sarah Green, 3rd (tie) Judy Mical, Jan Cobb, and Pinky Kubiak; Flight 4: 1st Pat Benson, 2nd Judy Cox, 3rd Gloria Mundy

4/13 Red, White, and Blue:

Flight 1: 1st Penny Nowicki, 2nd Donna Smid, 3rd (tie) Nancy O’Donnell and Marci Koppelmaa; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Leo Liepold and Julie Hamlin, 3rd Barb Hanson; Flight 3: 1st Judy Mical, 2nd (tie) Pat Benson and Judi Kilgus; Flight 4: 1st Donna Jones, 2nd Goldie Herberg, 3rd Gloria Mundy

4/20 and 4/27 Match Play:

Flight 1: 1st Debra Emerick and Kelly Dennis, 2nd Julie Hamlin and Shirley Brenner, 3rd (tie) Karen Kolis and Judy Bray, Lynda Smith and Jan Fletcher, Judy Wegener and Nancy O’Donnell; Flight 2: 1st Valerie McDonald and Gloria Mundy, 2nd (tie) Barb Hanson and Judi Kilgus, Deb Ebel and Nettie Dingler, 3rd Pam Sebela and Betty Reagan