The Duel in the Desert Pickleball Championships

Jack Hill and Tom Dawson are winners at the Duel in the Desert!

Jack Hill and Tom Dawson are winners at the Duel in the Desert!

Sun Lakes pickleball players Jack Hill and Tom Dawson ventured out of the familiar Sun Lakes pickleball confines 28 miles east to the Duel in the Desert. No, this wasn’t the familiar OK Corral saga. This was the more serious Palm Creek Duel in the Desert Pickleball Championships.

Just like in the days of old, these wild and venturous cowboys were seeking their fortune in gold. To do this they not only had to put their lives on the line, they had to slay one mean pair of cowboys after another. Although they lost two games along the way, the gun-slinging men in the white hats with the guns of ivory never lost a match. Going undefeated, these men returned to Sun Lakes with the gold they set out to earn.

Congratulations on your 3.5, 50 Plus gold medal men. The beef, bacon and potatoes are in the hot skillet. Let the party begin.

A few weeks later these same venturous cowboys took their guns of ivory and headed east to the beautiful, pristine Encanterra pickleball complex in Gilbert. This new sunken court complex is a sight to see. With so many active adult communities building pickleball complexes, Encanterra didn’t want to fall behind the curve. Now they are over the top with one of the best places to play pickleball in the valley. This being the inaugural tournament for Encanterra, they put on quite a show. Hospitality and the competition were outstanding. Outstanding is exactly what our Sun Lakes men were in the 3.5 men’s doubles bracket. Winning the close ones using insightful strategies, Jack and Tom worked their way through two very close two out of three final matches winning both 11-7, 6-11, 11-9 and 11-5, 6-11, 11-8 respectively. Congratulations guys!