Electronic Keyboards Are Needed

The Keyboard Connection is looking for replacements of the electronic piano keyboards for their group. Over the years, some of the keyboards have stopped working. Perhaps you have a keyboard you are not using and would like to put it to good use or would like to help fund the purchase of new keyboards. We’d love to hear from you.

The Keyboard Connection is a group of piano keyboardists of all skill levels who meet once a week in Sun Lakes. They entertain for local groups wherever music is needed, performing a variety of music. With the keyboards, the group can be a string or a brass ensemble, a steel band, or an orchestra of several instruments. There may be an oboe solo or a harp solo or a drum cadence. All this comes from sampled sounds within the keyboard.

The Keyboard Connection meets each week from September through April. Members of the group have varied levels of piano or keyboard experiences, from very little to advanced. All the keyboards and equipment are provided. The director, Jeanette Cline, assigns parts accordingly.

For further information concerning this group or donating keyboards, contact member Roz Pederson at 612-247-3950.