Energy Yoga June class schedule

Experience the benefits of Energy Yoga with Paullene at the SunBird Golf Resort, Navajo Room, upper level.

Mornings: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:40 to 8:50 a.m. Nidra Yoga on the second Tuesday

Afternoons: No Monday afternoon classes until the fall. Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:10 p.m. Nidra Yoga on the second and fourth Tuesday

I started these classes in November of 2001 with Dahn Yoga which translated is Energy Yoga. I was initially trained in that practice which was from Korea. It was called Dahn Hak there. When it was brought to the U.S., it was called Dahn Yoga. It is really a QI GONG practice more than a yoga practice. When the Tai Chi class starts, they use the same warm-up movements, except they don’t do the slapping of the body and the meridians. Most Martial Art practices use similar warm ups. If you witnessed any of the Olympic Chinese groups warming up, they were doing the same movements, and they did the slapping of the arms and legs to get the energy moving through the body. It is a very healthy thing to do for the body. Your circulation will be better. We used to refer to the slapping as “tapping,” but the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses the word “tapping,” and it became confusing to those more familiar with EFT. EFT is a gentle tapping of specific points in the hand, head, face to create a release of trauma. So now we use the word “slapping,” because we do not gently tap, but slap all along the meridian lines or energy channels; the head, arms, torso and legs get awakened, and energy moves through the body.

I began training with the Inner Vision Yoga Studios and became certified in various methods: Core Stress Release (CSR), Yin Yoga, Nidra Yoga and regular yoga positions called Asanas. I adapt all of these to the members who are at class, and we use chairs beside the mats for balance. We will be concentrating on covering these different aspects during summer classes.

On Monday, the class will concentrate on strengthening the body core, the legs and arms and back.

Most Tuesdays will be the “Healing from the Inside Out” poses and stretches and CSR with Nidra Yoga on the second Tuesday.

Thursdays will be Yin Yoga poses. These are poses held for a longer time to get the connective tissues, the micro facia, a chance to stretch and relax.

Enjoy the discipline of Asian Qigong and yoga principles and a positive–filled energy hour. We can’t avoid getting older, but we CAN enjoy life with strong, flexible bodies.

Nidra Yoga is done on the second Tuesday and is a relaxing and meditative practice, a guided meditation to get the body relaxed and the mind into a restful state of consciousness and awareness. This gives the cells a chance to recuperate while you are quieting the mind.

How do I sign up? Call or text Paullene Caraher at 602-292-7858 or email an[email protected], or call or text Peggy Mottel at 480-440-9653.

Remember, new participants are welcome; it’s easy to follow along and feel the camaraderie of a shared yoga energy. Bring a donation and a mat.