Essential Oil Club grand re-opening in November

First row (left to right): Julie A., Pam C., Janet L., Deena B. Second row (left to right): Karen M., Diane Y., Kay K., Gail E., Lois V., Helene H.

Vicki Vitality

Please join us at the Sun Lakes Essential Oil Club in November for an exciting Grand Re-Opening event to kick off the new season. We welcome new members and current members who have been active all summer, along with those members who have been away. We will have exciting special guests, prizes, oil education and fun.

Among the special guests, please come and meet:

Aroma Touch Practitioner and Cottonwood resident Bernadine Haway who will be demonstrating the Aroma Touch Technique with Essential Oils.

Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer Karen Effenberger, MSW, who will be demonstrating energy techniques to use with the essential oils to de-stress and balance your energy.

Come learn from experienced essential oil practitioners who can share insightful information to help you get the answers you need when you need them. At the Essential Oil Club, you can discover solutions to your health needs and join lively discussions on popular wellness topics and products.

The more you know about essential oils, the more empowered you will be to find useful and impactful ways to use essential oils to improve your life and help your friends and family.

For information regarding meeting dates and times, contact Vicki Vitality at 253-929-9900.