Essential Oils – Healing class offered March 7 1:00-2:00 p.m.


Paullene Caraher

Join us for an Essential Oil Healing on Wednesday, March 7, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the Navajo Room located on the third floor of the SunBird Golf Resort clubhouse, 6250 SunBird Blvd., off of Riggs Road in Chandler, AZ 85249. RSVP to Paullene at 602-292-7858 or [email protected] or Shelley at 312-521-0451 or [email protected]

We look forward to seeing old friends and greeting new friends.

Certain herbs and oils, when blended, address the following:

Memory Enhancement Blend – Something seems to happen to our brains when we age. For example, we have difficulty remembering names, knowing the answer as you watch Jeopardy, on the tip of your tongue, but now your old brain takes longer than 30 seconds to say it. Or that old familiar “stuff” you’ve always known now takes longer in your internal “computer” to reboot.

Calm My Nerves Blend – Modern-day living is stressful, even when we are retired. With this blend (aka Liquid Xanax, only natural), feel calm and stress-free. Carry it with you, rolling it on your wrists or neck as needed.

You can make one blend or both — or just come and enjoy listening to Shelley share her knowledge of the healing power with essential oils. You may also choose to make a roll-on vial for a cost of $15 per vial. Please RSVP so that Shelley and Paullene have the needed supplies of oils and vials for blending.

Using Young Living Oils, Shelley will share her knowledge of how the company’s “Seed to Seal” method produces a trusted product for addressing a natural and safe alternative to expensive, chemically-produced toxic pills that, when consumed, only cause more collateral damage in our bodies. Shelley and Paullene feel that the Young Living plant-based and processed oils can be trusted to facilitate natural healing in our bodies.

Our February meeting was very successful and highlighted questions and answers about digestion — another concern among us seniors.