Everyone’s a winner at the 2018 NIT

Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood

Although not everyone came out in the top three positions, everyone had several wonderful days enjoying the Norris Invitational Tournament put on by the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood – whether they played or watched the exciting games. The weather was glorious, the players spectacular and the matches were fun and sometimes surprising. This event broke all previous records with 94 teams entered. Prizes were the coveted gold cards, money to be spent in the Cottonwood/Palo Verde restaurants, pro shops and golf courses.

There is just not a better pickleball tournament in the area, so be sure to catch us next year on March 4 – March 8. Special thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen. It could not have happened without you, or the players!

Here are the winners! Congratulations to all of you!

1.5/2.0 Mixed: 1st, Fewell-Kooelmoos; 2nd, Schulze-Kopp; 3rd, Scales-Scales. 2.0 Women’s: 1st, Gardner-Scales; 2nd, Irwin-Fewell; 3rd, Johnson-Signer. 2.5 Men’s: 1st, Eberle-Moyer; 2nd, Dockter-Bucholz; 3rd, Thomas-Kuczek. 2.5 Mixed: 1st, Braun-Clarke; 2nd, Thomas-Thomas; 3rd, Bucholz-Bucholz. 2.5 Women’s: 1st, LaPointe-Hick; 2nd, Clausen-Luttman; 3rd, Burnham-Clarke. 3.0 Men’s: 1st, Zellman-Kopp; 2nd, Rutan-Brownell; 3rd, Campbell-Brooks. 3.0 Mixed: 1st Campbell-Campbell; 2nd Baessler-Jasnic; 3rd, Ledene-Salscheider. 3.0 Women’s: 1st, Dockter-Braton; 2nd, Kohlmann-Rutan; 3rd, Sikes-Bryce. 3.5 Men’s: 1st, Harper-O’Brien; 2nd Bayoumi-Ebel; 3rd, Bellon-Mernagh. 3.5 Mixed: 1st, Rodke-Bayoumi; 2nd Sanders-Sanders; 3rd, Rounds Zimmerman. 3.5 Women: 1st, Ryan-Kent; 2nd, Kishpaugh-Rounds. 3.5+ Men’s: 1st, Ori-Strom; 2nd, Northcott-Bissell; 3rd, Hickman-Zimmerman. 3.5+ Mixed: 1st, Strom-Nohl; 2nd Dirksmeyer-Bicchieri; 3rd, Hickman-Hickman. 3.5+ Women: 1st, Speager-Rodke; 2nd, Park-Dirksmeyer; 3rd, Hickman-McDonald. 4.0 Men’s: 1st, Hill-Dawson; 2nd, Speager-Bicchieri; 3rd, Novikoff-Gillett. 4.0 Mixed: 1st, Hill-Golden; 2nd, Gillett-True; 3rd, Zapatka-Dawson.