Featured Knight: Larry Bramanti

Larry Bramanti

Larry Bramanti

Maynard Iverson, Chair, Public Relations Committee, Council 9678

Lawrence (Larry) Bramanti is an active, relatively recent (in 2019) transfer to St. Steven’s Catholic Parish and Council 9678, from St. Bernadette Council 12164 in Scottsdale. Here, he serves as our Council’s Chancellor and Director of Programs, Membership/Recruitment, and Insurance Promotion service committees. He recently established a “Core Committee” to review Council functions and events and advise activity chairmen in their planning. It is noteworthy that three wives are active members of the committee! Larry is a Fourth Degree Knight who has for years served on the Honor Guard.

A native of Chicago Heights, Ill., a suburb south of the city, Larry graduated from Bloom High School and attended the University of Illinois. He got his architecture license through several apprenticeships in the Chicago area, where he developed a specialty in commercial property. He worked on numerous school facilities, industrial sites, and other commercial projects in Illinois before moving to Phoenix in 1972 and retiring here in 2016. Never one to be idle, he currently has a consulting business, advising commercial firms on compliance with federally-mandated American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines! He also supports the Sun Lakes community by volunteering with Neighbors Who Care and as a unit co-captain for his area in Oakwood.

When asked how he came to join the Knights, Larry said, “In Chicago, I was asked to help the local K of C council develop a youth program; I enjoyed working with the guys, and thus became a member of the order in 1959. I like being involved, and the Knights gave me that opportunity!” A charter member of Scottsdale’s Council 12164, he served as Deputy Grand Knight and established and chaired numerous activities, including a Wine Tasting dinner, Ice Cream Social, Roses for Mother’s Day, and several veterans recognition events. In addition, he served on the parish building committee that planned and supervised the construction of a new church and a multi-purpose addition to the parish school.

Larry said he and his wife Carlotta have enjoyed 59 years of marriage (however, she said that he is still in training!). The Bramanti family includes three grown children, who all live in Arizona, and four granddaughters, two of whom are employed in teaching (in the San Francisco area and on the veterinary medicine faculty at Purdue University)! One granddaughter is preparing for a career in marketing at ASU, while the youngest plans to become a plastic surgeon! Apparently, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”!

Larry’s latest project is the First Annual Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate Tasting event, with the theme, “An Evening of Romance, A Celebration of Love.” It will be held on Feb. 12, 2021, at the Cottonwood Country Club. The evening will consist of exceptional hors d’ oeuvres, award-winning wines, and chocolates fashioned by a skilled confectionaire! In addition, a number of special prizes will be made available to participants—all for a modest cost per person! For additional information or to purchase tickets, call Larry at 602-510-5795.