February PVLGA Results

Christine Lecoutre

Feb. 4 – AM; Flight 1: 1st Joann Johnson, 2nd Tracy Rice and Carol Ruff, 4th Cindy Ryan and Mary Horn; Flight 2: 1st Sandy Chavez, 2nd Jan Nelson, 3rd Liz Kirkpatrick, 4th Diane Kruse and Diane French; Flight 3: 1st Carol Moser, 2nd Gail Assenmacher, 3rd Dee Czaja, Kathy Koon, Wanda Wiggins, Dolores Mahaffey. PM; Flight 1: 1st Diana Ridd, 2nd Susie Buell, 3rd Anita Hopkins, Georgia Hartman; Flight 2: 1st Martha Foster, 2nd Alice Barber, 3rd Lynette Liffrig, 4th Lois Fitzsimmons

The President’s Cup tournament was played on Feb. 11 and 18. The combined scores were used to determine the winners in each flight and the overall winner. Congratulation to Anita Barber who won the Cup with a net of 122 for both rounds. The other winners are as follows: Flight 1: 1st Billie Seiberling, 2nd Kathryn Campbell, 3rd Colleen Mitchell and Val Verbeck, 4th Cindy Bosh and Cindy Ryan; Flight 2: 1st Jane Lewis, 2nd Jan Gabriel, 3rd Sherri Butler and Jan Nelson; 5th Diane French and Mary Horn; Flight 3: 1st Susie Buell, 2nd Karen Bailey, 3rd Florence Wright and Janet Quade; 5th: Diana Ridd, Kathy Ivesdal, Gwen Curtis; Flight 4: 1st Elaine Isaacson, 2nd Paula Elbery, Kay Berner, 4th Bonnie Kane, Naomi Bryson

Feb. 25. The game was fewest putts. The AM winners are Flight 1: 1st Mary Nelson, 2nd Terry Gaube, Barb Smith, 4th Cindy Ryan, Carol Ruff, Billie Seiberling, Jan Nelson; Flight 2: 1st Jan Stuckey, 2nd Julie Curran, Janet Quade, 4th Jane Lewis, Anita Barber; Flight 3: 1st Bonnie Kane, 2nd Sharon Eisenzimmer, 3rd Marsha Duel, 4th Diana Ridd; 5th Dee Czaja; Flight 4: 1st Rita Raymond, 2nd Rita Benfer, Lois Fitzsimmons, 4th Kathy Komishke, 5th Dolores Mahaffey. The PM winners are Flight 1: 1st Kathy Smith, 2nd Kathryn Campbell, Gigi Dysart, 4th Denise Devereaux, Minna Rasmussen; Flight 2: 1st Susie Buell, Karen Jensen, Lynette Liffrig, 4th Ginger Mays, 5th Jackie Poetker, Diane Zitser, June Park, Susan Lamb, Jan Bazzill

Reminder: Member/Member on April 14.

From Wanda Johnson: PVLGA Cares has been busy the last couple of months. The January recipient, The Perfect Place, received a life-like doll with a heartbeat, at their request. The staff said their participants are comforted and content by holding her. The committee went shopping for the February recipient, Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, and delivered 98 pounds of food to their facility. There is hope that the March recipient, Dogs 4 Vets, will be as successful as the previous ones. April and May are being planned before the club breaks for the summer. The committee of Val Verbeck, Gail Assenmacher, Mary Horn, and Wanda Johnson are excited that there is such a great interest in what they are doing. Thank you to everyone who gives and cares.