Feeling uninspired? Take a walk

Getting your creative juices flowing doesn’t have to be complicated. It may be as simple as joining the I Love Walking Group between 7:30-9:00 a.m. any Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

In September we launch our Hearts and Soles series at the Palo Verde Clubhouse. Step into your walking shoes, bring a water bottle and join us. We enjoy a variety of venues at Palo Verde. Inside in the climate controlled restaurant and lounge; outside on the patio, around the Pro Shop, battling the rush hour golfers shotgun starts and receiving encouragement from the early bird tennis group.

Walking has a large effect on our creativity. We’ve developed a variety of simple exercises using tennis balls. We are experts at watching the grass grow on the new practice green. Agility exercises involve discovering new paths to walk around the dining room. Our reward is treating ourselves to an occasional healthy smoothie.

All abilities are welcome. We believe every step counts!

If you have any questions contact Sue Schwartz at 480-883-3010 or [email protected]