St. Steven’s fourth pro-life billboard saves baby

On Wednesday, August 5, a phone call came in from Theresa who is one of the three people who answer the phone for the hotline number that people can call for pregnancy help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with information pertinent to the fourth St. Steven’s Respect Life billboard that was posted at the I-10 Gila River Premium Outlets area on May 18 for four months. The billboard says. “Heartbeat 18 Days After Conception” and “Don’t Abort, We’ll Adopt” with the hotline number 1-888-818-4445 and “Sponsored by St. Steven’s Parishioners, Sun Lakes, AZ”.

She related the following story:

A person driving by the billboard took note of the telephone hot line number and gave it to a young woman who was pregnant and debating the decision of what to do about the baby. She called the hot line number and after talking to the counselors and learning about her options, she decided to carry the baby and gave her beautiful baby daughter the chance to be adopted. The adoption was completed immediately and due to the mother’s unselfish love, a wonderful family now has the opportunity to love, nourish and raise their newborn daughter.

Adoptions are treasured by so many couples waiting for a baby to call their own and the St. Steven’s parishioners feel so blessed that God has given the gift of knowing that their prayerful and financial efforts have played a big role in saving a baby that was actually adopted. They are also grateful to the young lady who gave birth and to the family who adopted the baby.

Please remember all the babies in danger of abortion and pray that those mothers and fathers will make the right choice in a problem pregnancy situation and give their babies up for adoption also.