Finally a forum for fitness at CWPV

If you value your health and fitness levels, read on. Better yet, attend a meeting of CWPV Connections to find out what we’re all about. Normally, meetings are held on the first Friday of each month. On occasion, time and locations may be varied and will be posted on our new website at The website contains valuable information including our purpose, a comprehensive study on health and fitness centers and the opportunity to voice opinions and ask questions. Our website will be constantly changing as community feedback is received, new projects and activities announced.

You can be a part of something big, for yourself, your family and for your community. Maybe you’d just like to meet some interesting people. Join us. We’ve sponsored these events so far: I Love Walking Group, Age of Champions Movie Nights and a Falls Prevention Seminar. Remember to read and sign up for Tell your neighbors and friends. Word of mouth, step by step and always moving forward toward better health and fitness…ultimate well being for every one of us.