Fly Fishing Update

Fred Smith, SLFFC Member

Summer arrived on our beloved trout streams and high-country lakes in July. Following the club’s well-attended May fishing trip to Lees Ferry, below Glen Canyon Dam, our members headed off in all directions to search for trout, bass, carp, pike, and saltwater species on the fly.

Even though the seasonal high-country runoff was again this year a bit disappointing, the early monsoons extended the seasonal turbid water conditions, and we all had to wait patiently for dry fly season to really get started.

Then, bang, the ant fall on the San Juan, the Cicada hatch below Flaming Gorge and Lees Ferry, the Salmon Fly hatch in Northern Idaho, and the Pale Morning Duns began coming off on the Frying Pan, seemingly all at the same time. Thankfully, the Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club (SLFFC) provides updates on these life altering moments for its members and, thus, the chase was on.

Every river, every stream, every lake holds adventure and mystery for those who love to fish with the fly.

My passion as a child growing up was rooted in the exploration of the world of bugs, frogs, and moving water. At about eight years old, an uncle introduced me to fishing, not using submerged bait (worms, eggs, and hot dog chunks), but with surface-riding imitations of bugs that inhabited our nearby waters and that those local fish targeted as their primary food source. The obvious connectivity and resultant joy of catching a trout using feathers and fur introduced a young child into the world of entomology, ichthyology, and hydrology. The fact that this passion has led me to some of the most beautiful places in the natural world has only added to my continuing love of this pastime.

As mentioned, moving water has always been more than interesting personally. I emotionally need to stand in moving water weekly. It calms my spirit, opens my mind’s eye to the natural beauty surrounding me, and carries me far from any of my human world confusions.

The SLFFC fit perfectly into my passion, my enjoyment of camaraderie, and the desire to share my experiences with others. We all love to fish, talk bugs, and enjoy the outdoors.

Very importantly, we support the veterans with the Project Healing Waters program that offers services and events for wounded veterans and active service personnel. Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled and active veteran military personnel through fly fishing and associated activities. Anytime you can meld a personal passion with the opportunity to give back to our veterans, you have the ultimate win-win situation, and such is the goal of our club.

Fly fishing is easy to learn, there are no special talents or experience you must have, and our club meets regularly right here in Sun Lakes. If you would like more information, please visit us at, or contact George Abernathy at [email protected].