For Our Country

Pastor Marvin Arnpriester

Pastor Marvin Arnpriester

Senior Pastor Marvin Arnpriester

In the United Methodist Hymnal is a prayer titled “For Our Country” by Toyohiko Kagawa. I believe it appropriate for this July 4th weekend.

“Oh God, keep our whole country under your protection. Wipe out sin from this land; lift it up from the depths of sorrow, O Lord, our shining light. Save us from deep grief and misfortune, Lord of all nations. Bless us with your wisdom, so the poor may not be oppressed and the rich may not be oppressors. Make this a nation having no ruler except God, a nation having no authority but that of Love. Amen”

I wonder what a difference it would make if I were to focus on having no authority but love in my life? In our church? In our community? In our state? In this nation?