From Phoenix to Africa – water is needed

Pastor Jerry McGhee

The Church (by Biblical definition, the Body of Christ) is in the business of dispensing water. Jesus said, “…whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst…” – that “living water” is the most important of all. Jesus fills the thirst in our soul.

There is also the need for “physical water.” Water is of the utmost importance to life. We can do without food for long periods of time, as in a religious fast, but without water, one will die in days. The Sun Lakes Community Church has been a supporter of the Phoenix Rescue Mission for many years, providing food and water for needy families. During the month of July, we took an offering to provide bottles of water. One of our members is a prime member of Amazon. We ordered the pallet load of water, and it was delivered freight paid. The pallet of water containing 78 cases of bottled water was delivered to the mission as I am writing this article and will be distributed to those living on the street in the Name of Jesus.

Recently, I learned of a project miraculous in many ways that involves providing fresh water wells to villages in Sierra Leone, Africa. Villagers, knowing nothing of sanitation, bathe and wash laundry and utensils in nearby streams of water. The Global Outreach Mission began to offer to dig a fresh-water well and give it to a village in exchange for permission to build a church. So far, they have completed about 125 of these wells and along with that, have established churches and even Christian schools.

Next month, I want to tell you more about this exciting project and how our church became involved.

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