Fun Lakers Club July News

Bob Bybee, Publicist

Effective July 1, the Fun Lakers have a newly-elected board and a team of 22 activity and event volunteers. We want to thank Don Morgan and all of the last year’s board officers, chairpersons, vice chairpersons, ambassadors, and all who volunteered to make so many fun and enjoyable events. Our 2020-21 Board of Directors: President Ray Texeira, Vice President Debbie Bernhart, Secretary Joan Bachard, Treasurer Steve Ficker, Activities Chair Sue and Al Allen, Activities Chair Susie Ficker, Publicity Chair Bob and Vickie Bybee, Membership Chair Colleen Ferris, and Hospitality Chair Jacque Texeira.

This year will be somewhat challenging with changing CDC guidelines, HOA strategy for opening ballrooms, restaurants, event rooms, social distancing, and health and safety for all. Our major events scheduled for this year like Oktoberfest, comedy night, monthly dances, and the holiday party are not yet confirmed while we wait to see the availability of HOA facilities. As our community process becomes clearer, we will update and publish our schedule monthly. When events do open up, members and nonmembers can attend as they personally see fit and feel comfortable. Our club will not become the “social police” but we will do our best to provide a safe environment.

At all Fun Lakers-sponsored events, we will provide a standard list of items to include:

1. Sanitizing substance (Lysol or equivalent) to spray down the tables, chairs or equipment

2. Hand sanitizer for all to use

3. Mask and gloves for door hospitality greeters and money collectors

4. No-touch thermal temperature thermometers for large indoor events

Some of our top goals for this year will be to challenge our team with the following:

1. Continue with our social events, dinners, and monthly dances while keeping in mind safety guidelines and limiting attendance due to social distancing.

2. Identify and hold smaller events (many outdoors) in each of our four communities: Oakwood/Ironwood, Sun Lakes, Cottonwood Palo Verde, and SunBird, for 30 to 50 people, while keeping in mind safety guidelines.

3. Create at least four new charity events that will give back and support our community as we all get through this difficult time.

As with any responsible organization, we will continue to modify and make adjustments to meet our community needs. We are always open to new members and new ideas to help keep the “fun” in our lives.

Thanks, and stay safe.