The Godfather Cup Tournament results

Ten of the 17 players in the Godfather Cup annual Tournament in 9-Ball. Photo by Bruce McCorkle, league member.

Ten of the 17 players in the Godfather Cup annual Tournament in 9-Ball. Photo by Bruce McCorkle, league member.

David “the Godfather” Mork, Chairman, IronOaks Breakers Pool League

On April 15 and 16 the Billiard’s Room at the IronOaks Clubhouse was filled with members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League, practicing their shot techniques for the Godfather’s Cup, in 9-Ball, a blind draw, double elimination format. This type of tournament provides a great competition leveler, as at any given time the game can change in favor of you or your opponent. The winner is the only undefeated player. The 2014 9-Ball Godfather Cup champion and winner was Rod “the Babe” Thompson, with a score of 35 wins and nine losses in seven matches. Runner-up was Keith “the Rabbi” McDonald. Prize money was paid to Rod, Keith, Willie “the Wizard” Foster, 3rd and Jerry “Slick” Vickery, 4th. The engraved statuettes were also awarded. Rod Thompson’s name, as the 2014 Godfather’s Cup winner, is engraved on the 9-Ball side of the Godfather’s Cup Trophy in the Billiards Room at the clubhouse. Rod was the 2013 Godfather Cup champion in 8-Ball. Congratulations to Rod for repeating as a cup champion and to all 17 players; it was great fun to watch and play.

Each member played with the winner/loser advancing through the two brackets, until each player had two losses except Rod, who was undefeated in all seven matches. The 9-Ball format was a race to seven wins (the first player to win seven games won the match) and many of the matches were very close, with a majority of the games going to seven wins and five losses; however, as above, at any time, the matches changed to a winning score of seven wins, to zero games lost, or a shutout or it could be called a perfect match depending on your point of view. Over 340 games were played in the two-day tournament. Those who played in the tournament, some of whom are pictured were Rod “the Babe” Thompson, Don “the Banker” Moelk, Fritz Derheim, Willie “the Wizard” Foster, David “the Godfather” Mork, Jim Boyes, Tom Tank, Red Boyles, Larry Stadler, Jerry Bojarun, Keith “the Rabbi” McDonald, Bob “the Sword” Wilkinson, Joe “the Deputy” Petkus, Jerry “Slick” Vickery, Bill Lange, Sam Gilman and “Fast” Eddie Allen, Jr.

Before the final day of the tournament, a video spoof (not quite a movie) on the three Godfather movies, The Godfather IV IronOaks, written by Willie Foster, was “wrapped” (not in fish paper) as all the players who were representing pool “families” were asked to kiss the Godfather’s ring, and after that, they heard the Godfather say: “Bless you, play well!” All the families and the consigliore played by Keith “the Rabbi” McDonald, had a great time, a good laugh and Bruce McCorkle videoed the blessings. A fun time and thanks to all who participated. We look forward to our league championships to be held in late October 2014.

If you are interested joining the league contact David Mork at [email protected] or Willie Foster at [email protected]