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I recently happened upon two articles that I hadn’t seen before. One was written by a famous duo: Doctors Oz and Roizen. The other was written by my favorite “Dear Abby”-type advice giver, Carolyn Hax. They were both excellent!

They took different approaches, and the topics weren’t exactly the same, but read on to see how they contrasted.

Dr. Oz’ first sentence was, “It’s estimated that 90 to 95 percent of cancers have their roots in environment and lifestyle.” Wow! Then he added, “Between 33 to 90 percent of dementia is preventable.” Double ouch!

It might sound like this doctor duo was using an approach we might call motivate by blaming. But I think they were trying to get our attention and then go on to tell us what to do about the issue. They offered lots of tips in these four categories:

– Food is preventive medicine.

– Develop devotion to motion.

– De-stress your distress.

– Find your fun.

Carolyn Hax was not dealing with health exactly. Someone had asked her a question about whether our higher power gives us what we can handle or, on the other hand, events in our lives are random. I had to laugh at her first sentence: “Oh, I think it’s a complete crapshoot.” She went on with her usual wisdom to clarify and address varying views. I hope I haven’t misrepresented her message.

So why do I suggest these two articles are related, in a sense? Clearly, the doctors think we make decisions that affect our present and future. I’m sure Hax believes that too, but I’m guessing she believes that chance plays a big role.

I believe I’ve been lucky. Chance has been kind to me. But, by golly, I want to make good decisions. Besides cutting down on sodas, I think I’ll take the doctors’ advice and become healthier by having more fun.

By the way, I’ll save these articles for a few weeks in case you would like to read them. Just ask.

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