Golden Goalies—Celebrating Success

Bea Loozer

Proving you’re a loozer (a weight-loozer, that is) during the festive month of December is not easy. But Zen Winters and Sharon Flores demonstrated they can do it. Zen lost seven pounds, and Sharon lost 5.2 pounds—substantial losses any time, but outstanding in this dessert-filled month. Needless to say, they were the biggest loozers in December.

Coming up next month, we’ll share with you two other feats: 1) We’ll announce the biggest loozer for the last six months. 2) We will unveil the names of those who managed to lose weight in our winter (Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day) contest.

These acknowledgements of success are part of our ongoing incentive program. Celebrating with one another is fundamental to Goalies. Celebrations give us the motivation to lose. Besides, celebrations are fun.

One more thing to mention from our first meeting of the new year. Our leader Janice Cournoyer walked us through seven steps of succeeding with our New Year’s Resolutions, noting that 45% of people make resolutions, while only 8% follow through with them. The seventh step she mentioned might be the most important. She suggested you “forget perfection, and give yourself credit, even if you achieve less than your goal.” Setting the goal and celebrating even small successes are what count, as long as you persevere in working toward your goals. Goalies persevere to achieve more than 8% of their weight-loss resolutions, and maybe it’s because we provide plenty of acceptance, support, and celebration.

Come join us for good company, support, laughs, and shared wisdom. Weigh-in is Saturday from 7 to 7:40 a.m. in Room A-8, near the Cottonwood Library. The meeting starts after weigh-in. Contact Rita at 480-223-8340 for more information.