Golden Goalies—“GG” to Members

Bea Loozer

GG is similar to WW. At Golden Goalies, we meet as a group once a week. We weigh in. Our discussions are down-to-earth, and the room is full of support. Topics are related to encouraging overall health and, more specifically, how and why to lose weight.

But there are some differences between GG and WW. (As you know, WW is the new name of Weight Watchers.) Here are some ways GG is different. It’s free, except for a small membership fee (less than $25/year), and there are no items for sale at meetings. Typically, WW members see each other only at meetings, whereas many GG members develop enduring relationships with other members that thrive outside of meetings — just ask someone who “enjoys” a mass of get-well cards. Also, GG has numerous incentives for losing weight. Leadership at GG is not by professionals. That fact is neither good nor bad — it’s simply that we’re on our own, so we have a structure and practices that keep us on target, supportive, effective, and fun.

Recently, I was chatting with a potential new member, and she asked me whether members all have to do that “stand up and speak thing.” She was referring to the part of our meeting in which a member presents her thoughts on a relevant topic of her choice. We call that part of our meeting “therapy,” and no, it’s not required. It’s short and helpful, but not everyone likes to present, so it’s definitely not required.

As an example, last week Jeanne Becker did a wonderful therapy that encouraged us to find our best work-out routine and make it more fun and successful by joining with friends — whether in person or through online tracking. She even (almost) convinced me that competitive yoga can be a good thing.

Come join us for good company, support, laughs, and shared wisdom. Weigh-in is Saturday from 7 to 7:40 a.m. in Room A-8, near the Cottonwood pool and library. The meeting starts after weigh-in. Contact Rita at 480-223-8340 for more information. If you know someone who wants to improve their health, or if you like to help others celebrate weight loss, we invite you to contact us.