Golden Goalies: Greetings to Friends

Jan Bobbett

We can probably all agree that those who have found a way to get their social needs met (and met safely) are the lucky ones among us. So, let’s remember all our old friends and how good it feels to reach out to them and to hear from them.

Now is the time to write a note to a friend who is under the weather, to someone you used to work with, to a relative in another state, to someone you used to play cards with but haven’t seen recently. Contact is always appreciated.

Speaking of connecting with old friends, I was so glad to read in last month’s Splash that the Crystal Cards I love to send are again available. A wonderful group of volunteers has been busy bringing used cards back to life. I felt awkward calling them “used,” but they were used once and now they are in good condition to be used again. Additional good news is that these special cards can now be delivered to your home. I’m sure you will like the convenience as well as the selection. Check the Crystal Cards article in this month’s Splash for detailed steps on how to order some for yourself and those friends you care about, or check the Crystal Card website, Consider these three reasons to seek out the cards: The approach they use works very smoothly, the cards are lovely or humorous, and the $1 donation for each card goes to a good cause.

We miss each other and expect to return to our regular meetings, which will probably be held on Saturdays from 7:30 to 8 a.m., but contact Janice at 480-802-0348 or Rita at 480-223-8340 for an update. As you know, right now, scheduling is one of the many things that is hard to predict.