Golf and fun with the Oakwood Lady Niners

OLNGA members and guests enjoy golf and fun

OLNGA members and guests enjoy golf and fun

Ann Rounthwaite

If you’d like to play golf with a friendly and supportive group of women, why not try a game with the Oakwood Lady Niners? We play nine holes every Tuesday morning on one of the Oakwood courses. Afterwards, everyone is invited to have lunch together at the Stone and Barrel, and there are also several organized luncheons.

Joining the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association (OLNGA) is a good way to learn the rules and etiquette of golf in a relaxed environment if you’re a beginner, but more experienced golfers who fancy some competition can compete for the State Medallion tournament and Club Championship. It’s a great way to meet other golfers and make new friends. Call Pat Stead at 480-883-1450 or 480-213-7163 for more information or to arrange to join us for a game and see what you think.

December 13 brought multiple ties in the first game of the low net State Medallion series on the Sonoran. Winners were as follows:

Flight 1 Anne Carlson 1st, Nancy Heberling 2nd, Bonnie Tasch, MJ Coking, Kathy Chebuhar, Denise Fleshner 3rd

Flight 2 Judy Hedding 1st, Colleen Duke 2nd, Phyllis Madison, Barbara Stewart 3rd

Flight 3 Susie Cook 1st, Margaret Johns, Sheila Bossio 2nd, Marian Greer, Ann Rounthwaite, 3rd

On December 20, winners of a low net even holes game on the Lakes were as follows:

Flight 1 Pat Stead 1st, Cora Lathom-Levensky 2nd, Deb Burns 3rd

Flight 2 Julie Schneider, Leslie Pettis, Phyllis Madison 1st, Barbara Stewart, Susan Meer, Reggie Wegman 2nd, Margaret Johns, Julia Collier, Patty Partridge 3rd

Flight 3 Susie Cook 1st, Edna Joss, Ann Rounthwaite 2nd, Rachel Enloe, Dottie Meade 3rd

The last game of 2016 was low net on the Palms on December 27.

Flight 1 winners Deb Burns 1st, Joyce Parker 2nd, Patty Partridge 3rd

Flight 2: Margaret Johns 1st, Susie Cook 2nd, Linda Liberti 3rd

Lady Niners then welcomed the New Year on January 3 with a game on the Palms counting only putts. Linda Liberti, Shirley Malick and Patty Partridge came first. Marian Greer, Anne Carlson, Cora Lathom-Levensky, Kathy Chebuhar, Debra Burns, Suevonne Negaard tied for second, and Tuny O’Rourke, Mary Swanson, Pat Stead, Judy Hedding, Fran Kelly and Reggie Wegman came third.

Finally, Lady Niners competed in the second game of the State Medallion series on January 10, so it was a low net game on the Sonoran. Winners were as follows:

Flight 1 Joyce Parker 1st, Jan Riek, Debra Burns, Denise Fleshner 2nd, Pat Stead 3rd

Flight 2 Phyllis Madison, Sharon Johnson 1st, Linda Liberti 2nd, Helen Semple, Lola Bernadelli, Nancy Lienenbrugger 3rd

Flight 3 Margaret Johns, Susie Cook, Sharon Gale 1st, Rachel Enloe 2nd, Julie Schneider 3rd.

There’s lots to look forward to this spring, including the March 7 Member/Guest Day and luncheon and closing luncheon April 18. Do consider joining us to share  in the fun.