Men’s Niners December results

Jim Wegman

FROST DELAYS. As mornings become cooler, frost delays may delay starting times. Be sure to check with the pro shops for frost delay details: Oakwood 895-1159 then hit 6 and for Ironwood 895-0614 then hit 6.

PLAY WITHOUT DELAY. Slow play is the single most heard complaint in all golf leagues. It even reaches into the professional tournaments and there are penalties assessed to slow players. We have our problems, but a little extra effort on the part of the players and the captain can make a great difference. Always play “Ready Golf,” limit your practice swings. Captains remind your players to “Hit and Git.”

NEW MEMBER. We have another new member recruited by Bill Pender. So let’s welcome Bob Pender. And yes, it is Bill’s brother. Thanks, Bill.

12/01. Best Balls, 1 Gross, 1 Net, Sonoran: 1st Bruce McCorkle, Dennis Clark, Tom Delaney; 2nd (tie) Jim Martin, Greg Sutton, Jack Cook, Bob Melhuish and Pat O’ Connell, Bill Stoutenberg, Bill Whitely; 3rd Brian Kretschman, Mike Stewart, and Jerry Meer. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors No.3 Greg Sutton, No.8 Bill Whitely

12/8. Fewest Putts, Sonoran: Flight A 1st Bill Stoltenberg, 2nd Ed Anderson, 3rd Jerry Richards, 4th Dave Mork, 4-way tie for 5th Mike Osborn, Bruce McCorkle, Jim Martin and Bob Hiller. Flight B 1st Bill Whitely, 2nd Dennis Clark, (tie) 3rd Jim Broich, Bill Becker, 5th Rich Funk, 6th Jim Wegman, 7th (tie) Bob Deken, Joe Lombardo. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.3 Greg Gustafson, No.6 Ed Allen

12/15. Low Net, Palms. Flt. A 1st (Tie) Ron Betti, Marvin Carmickle, 3rd (tie) Jerry Vickery, Mike Osborn, 5th (4-way tie) Larry Johnson, Bill Pender, Jerry Richards, Bill Stoutenberg. Flight B 1st Carl Schell, 2nd Mike Stegina, 3rd (tie) Paul Bopko, Tom Thibodeau, 5th (4-way tie) Bill Becker, Jim Broich, Gerry Reagan, Bill Whitely, 9th (4-way tie) Joe Lombardo, Joe Sigillo, Jim Theobald, Jim Wegman. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.4 Lloyd Schaeffer, No.7 Phil Hotchkiss

12/22. Skins, Sonoran. Team 1 Bruce McCorkle, Jerry Vickery, Team 2 Lee Boudreaux, Pat O’Connell, Lloyd Schaeffer, Team 3 Marvin Carmickle, Jerry Richards, David Mork, Bill Whitely, Team 5 Mike Osborn, Jim Janowski, Team 6 Jim Wegman, Team 7 Greg Gustafson, Jim Theobald, Team 8 Gordon Graham, Joe Sigillo, Rich Funk, Team 9 Bob Deken, Carl Schell. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Lloyd Schaeffer, No.8 Bruce McCorkle

12/29. 2 Best Net Balls, Lakes. 1st Larry Johnson, Pat O’Connell, Bob Deken, Bill Bartoo; 2nd Mike Stegina, Dave Mork, Lou Blas; 3rd (tie) Bruce McCorkle, Jerry Vickery, Greg Gustafson, Gordon Graham and Paul Bopko, John Gaudioso, Renny Vowell; 5th (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Bill Pender, Jim Theobald, Carl Schell and Dennis Clark, Bruce Henderson, Jordy Primack, Jim Janowski. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.2 Bruce McCorkle, No.6 Pat O’Connell