“Half In Two”


Roy Parfitt

A few weeks back, Linda and I decided, on the spur of the moment, to fly to L.A., rent a car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. We lived and worked in California for 30 years and had done this a few times in various segments, and just thought, “Why not?”

We took almost four full days to drive from L.A. to the Bay Area and loved every minute of it We can both recommend the trip. Extremely relaxing, no hurrying, no agenda.

Along with the many sights along the way were a multitude of fields being harvested with the abundance of crops growing along the coastal regions of California. I was moved to jot down this poem. Enjoy

Half In Two

Pacific Coast Highway, number one,

Migrant workers, backs to the sun;

Bent to their labor, half in two,

Picking produce, for me and you;

Deport these people? We pray not,

For both our food and humanity will surely rot.