Halloween Pet Party and contest winners

Sandi Bargioni and Judy Gahide, Co-Coordinators

It was another beautiful day at Lake Diamond in Oakwood. Over 50 dogs were entered into the costume contest, and probably another 25 or so attended just for fun. While this makes it difficult for the judges to choose the winners, it sure is a joy to see how the dogs like to strut their stuff.

Thank you to the 150 or so participants who came out for a morning of fun, laughter, and socialization. Your pets were all so well behaved, which makes this a more enjoyable time for all.

A special thank you to our volunteers: M/C, Carolann Nelson; Judges Pam Perry, Brenda Lee and Glen Butler; contest sign up gal, Susan Brown; photographer Carol Mellinger; “D” and her crew from Rover’s Rest Stop Dog Rescue; Judy Sadkin for providing free treats for all the dogs, and to sustainable landscape for providing food and beverages. Let us not forget Mike Terry, Director of Facilities who provided us with a P/A system and operator.

And, the contest winners are:

Shelby, a Pomeranian dressed as a caterpillar and owned by Debbie Poore; Ozzie the poodle, who came as a taco, and Gracie Rose, a taco barista owned by Marilyn Russell; Poco, a Basenji, strutting around as a UPS driver owned by Judy and Merv Hedding; Kirby the Yorkie, hot as Carmen Miranda owned by Linda Murray; Tinkerbell, a terrier dressed as Tinkerbell and owned by Sue and Ed Werner; Peaches, a Shih Tzu as a Pilgrim Pumpkin owned by Sheila Sellers; Cha Cha, a Yorkie dressed as a rescue dog whose owners are Pat and Dennis Schepp; Zoe the butterfly, owned by Phyllis Johnson; and Zoey the Maltipoo dressed as the Queen of Hearts owned by Arlene Segal; and last but not least, Sweetie, a stunning greyhound, dressed as a Lifesaver whose owner is Bill Munn.

We hope to see you all again next year!