Happy New Year 2021

Dale Fanzo

What I have learned during 2020 at home

My life is good, thankful to not be alone.

I call my friends, who I made laugh today

A “thank you” is a blessing, what can I say.

It was not long ago, we were in the fast lane

Our days went by, without any pain.

A ball drop in Times Square, quiet with no one,

A Happy New Year 2021!

This year a positive sight through different eyes

Sharing some friendly Hi’s and pleasant Good Byes.

Time to give that distant hug to someone dear

We should not be living in constant fear.

A vaccine we know will soon be shared,

To the doctors, nurses and responders who cared.

Our resolution is positive vibes to all, we are one.

A Happy New Year 2021!

Take each day as the sun will rise,

Stay strong, and do not compromise.

Schools will open, kids will play outdoors.

Movies and dining with laughter, that’s for sure.

Life is precious no matter your age

A new positive chapter, 2021, together let us turn the page.

Stay safe, stay well, stay smiling.