Helpful tips

R Buchanan

The door bell rings and you open the door … and a stranger walks right into your house. What do you do? Or, more to the point, what should you have done some weeks ago?

Your security

Let’s start with the least expensive devise that gives some protection. A security latch (that little chain that used to be on all motel room doors) allows you to open the door to see who is there without opening it completely. They cost around $5 and are easy to install. If you need help, you might call Neighbors Who Care and see if they have a helper.

Next would be a screen door. Go to Ace Hardware, Lowes and/or Home Depot and see what different screen doors are available and what they cost. I would bet that all three stores either have an installer or can recommend one. Ask how much installation costs. Make sure the door has a lock. A big benefit to a screen door is being able to open your door and take advantage of our beautiful weather, with the added security.

Last, and most expensive, is a security screen door. Check with Ace, Lowes and Home Depot. Since these doors are pricey, Google “Security Screen Doors” and see what pops up.

I have had security screen doors for over 20 years and wouldn’t be without one. Many, many times we have locked the security door and left the regular door open all night long.

Each choice has good points. And each one has bad points. You get to make the decision.

Did I mention a Pit Bull?