IMGA Personality of the Month

Don Dinkelman

Don Dinkelman

John Concannon, Publicity

This month my subject for this column is someone known, not only to IMGA members, but throughout IronOaks; not because of his golf prowess, but, because of his current occupation.

Don Dinkelman, in addition to his activity in IMGA, is what I call a vacation watch manager, but more on that later.

Don was born on June 28, 1938 in Chicago where he spent his early years. He attended Leo High School and South Shore High School and at the age of 17-1/2 he joined the U S Navy, going through boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Station. Following boot camp, Don attended and graduated from Personnelman School in Baimbridge, MD and was assigned to Command Naval Forces, Japan. Don had the distinction of being a naval person assigned to serve at several U.S. Air Force bases while stationed in Japan.

Don was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1959 and returned to Chicago taking a position with Peoples Gas & Light Company. In 1961 he joined the Chicago Police Force. Eighteen months later Don met his future wife, Rose Marie Marlin, a union which resulted in two sons, Donald and Kenneth. Don was promoted to detective in 1969. Don left the police force and became a special agent for Union Oil Company of California. Don and his family moved to Hoffman Estates where they lived for three years.

We fast forward to 1984. Don’s wife had died and Don married Nancy Christine (Thompson) Marlin.

If that name is familiar, it is because it was his first wife’s maiden name. Don had married his sister–in-law (once removed) whom he had known since he married his first wife. Nancy’s husband had died and in addition to marrying his sister-in-law, his nephew and niece became his step children. It was certainly an unusual event.

Don was promoted to Chief Special Agent and transferred to UNOCAL’s corporate office in Los Angeles. He moved his family to Diamond Bar California, where they resided for 12 years before retiring from UNOCAL.

In 1998 Don and Nancy moved to Sun Lakes, purchasing a home next to Ironwood’s ninth tee box. Don became involved with MOGA, holding all board positions except President. Don resigned from MOGA due to the success and growth of his business. I said earlier that he is probably known throughout IronOaks because he has built a successful business house sitting homes while residents are away.

The business is an outgrowth of watching a friend’s home as a favor. Don and Nancy currently have about 90 active customers.

Jim Todey introduced Don to IMGA and after joining the club, was asked by Frank Gould to become Tournament Director, which he did for two years. Don was elected vice president of IMGA and ultimately became president with the resignation of Jack Liptrot. Don has been head of the prize committee for 10 years and continues to enjoy playing with IMGA.