Niners results – March 2015

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Jim Poland is the 2014 club champion, Jerry Vickery was second and Dennis Fisher was a close third.

Ringers Tournament Winners: Flight A: Eddie Allen, Ron Betti, Dennis Fisher, Jim Poland, Larry Johnson, Bill Slattery and Warren McCurdy; Flight B: Bill Stoutenberg, Dave Peters, Jim Wegman, Jack Cook, Rich Funk and Bill Lacey; Flight C: Gordon Graham, Mike Stegina, Paul Blatnicky and Len Dolins.

Membership: Thanks to Bill Lacey we welcomed David Bauer and thanks to Larry Stadler, we welcomed Dennis Manz. President Peters recognized new members Jim Broich, Al Metz, Ron Rudzinski, Larry Stadler and Jerry Vickery at our annual meeting.


3/05. Cha-Cha-Cha – Lakes: 1st Jack Cook, Bill Lacey and Jerry Regan, 2nd Gary Breitbach, Jim Broich, Bill Flinn and Mike Osborn; Sinkers: Don Zimmer; Closest-to-the-pin honors: No. 2 Dennis Fisher and No. 6 Jerry Richards.

3/12. Low Net – Palms: Flight A: Ed Allen, Jim Wegman ,Nick Angele, Doug Baker and Lou Blas; Flight B: Mike Stegina, Tom Thibodeau and Dave Peters; Sinkers: Max Black; Closest-to-the-pin honors: No. 4 Ed Allen and No. 8 Rich Funk.

3/19. Fewest Putts – Sonoran: Flight A: John Walker, Ron Betti , Ron Rudinski, Ed Allen, Larry Johnson, Warren McCurdy, Tom Traver, Bill Slattery, Dennis Fisher and Mike Osborn; Flight B: Joe Sigillo, David Mork, Gordon Graham and Tom Thibodeau; Closest-to-the-pin honors: No. 4 Gordon Graham and No. 8 Warren McCurdy.

3/26. Low Gross – Lakes: Flight A: Jerry Vickery, Ron Rudzinski, Dennis Fisher and Ron Betti; Flight B: Mike Osborn, Bill Stoutenberg, Jordy Primack, David Mork, David Peters and Bill Slattery; Flight C: Mike Stegina, Len Dolins, Bill Johnson, Mike Stewart, William Becker and Tom Thibodeau Sinkers: Max Black; Closest-to-the-pin honors: No. 2 Jerry Vickery and No. 6 Warren McCurdy.

Annual Meeting/Awards Luncheon

Annual Awards – Most games played: Bill Becker with 39; most chits won: (1) Jack Cook, (2) Dave Mork, (3) Jerry Richards; most closest-to-the-pin awards: (1) Dennis Fisher,(2) Doug Baker,(3) Dave Peters; most improved golfers: (1) Doug Baker,(2) Jerry Richards,(3) Bill Johnson.

The membership elected Executive Officers for 2015-2017: President Jim Wegman, Vice President Joe Sigillo, Treasurer Len Dolins, Secretary Bob Deken. President Dave Peters will hold the office of Immediate Past President. Dave Peters recognized Past Presidents Jack Cook, Dean Crocker and Rudy Vraspir. Rudy has remained a great friend to the Niners and creates all our award certificates. Dave thanked game managers Bob Deken, Len Dolins, David Mork, Mike Osborn and Joe Sigillo for their weekly work.

Joe Sigillo presented the Treasurer’s report and thanked Jim Theobald, Mike Stegina and Mike Stewart for conducting our annual audit. Joe also arranged for another great lunch.

Jim Wegman and Ron Betti announced changes concerning the handicap system, league procedures and rules.

Dave Mork, webmaster, spoke about the recent Hamilton Golf Team fundraising event and the league logo created by Bill Whitely, our resident artist and outgoing league Secretary.

Bill Johnson and Jim Theobald won our 50/50 raffle. Thanks to Bill Johnson who donated a pair of tickets to a baseball game; Doug Baker won them. Jim Theobald donated a set of ball markers and divot tool, won by Bill Becker.