Here’s to Old-Fashioned Happy Holidays

Rina Cupples

It was a long, hot desert summer. It was a long, contentious election autumn. Now, here we are, full of hope and expectation for a wintertime of old-fashioned happy holidays.

Some of it will probably look, and feel, different—gifts shopped online, fewer holiday visitors, less family travel. Any holiday shows? No matter what, the Spirit of God’s Love/Joy/Grace abounds. We may celebrate and honor that in heart and home.

I’m going to decorate, as always, with candles and greens, remembering my childhood. Sending greeting cards with love wishes. Even if we can’t be close physically, we can embrace heart to heart. I’m “Zooming” in every chance I get; and hugging the dog more than he actually wants.

The absolute best way for me to connect closely and lovingly is when I send Reiki. I feel the energy bond with each of my loved ones. I’m grateful to have Reiki to lift me up and carry me. I say, “Thank you, Creator, for Your energy of Unconditional Love, cradling us.”

God bless you in your holidays. God bless us in our new year. God, please show us how You want us to go about our business.

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Have a transformative winter—from iffy unknown—to amazing, unimagined perfection!