Higgins and Partners Win Three Times in a Row

Barb Ludwig and Jerry Higgins after winning the Mixed Doubles Tournament

Penny Petersen

Jerry Higgins managed to do what many would love to do: Win all three major tournaments—the Bradshaw/Neu Charity Tournament in November, the Gender Doubles Tournament in January, and the Mixed Doubles Tournament in February. All three were week-long tournaments. He calls it the “Triple Crown of Cottonwood Tennis Club.” He competes at the Blue level.

We decided that merited an article. Jerry began playing in competitions in 1998. When he and his wife Barbara bought in Sun Lakes in 2018, he became a member right away and every time he was competing, Barbara was there watching. The couple have three children: Mike Higgins in San Diego, Maureen Wild in Prescott, and Jerilynn Reeder in Chicago, her parents’ home town. They also lived in Orlando, Fla., for seven years after Jerry retired from his position as an insurance adjuster. They now live in Sun Lakes year round.

After joining Cottonwood Tennis Club, Jerry jumped right in and volunteered as the Tournament Director in 2018-2020. He’s also served as Organized Play Coordinator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Other things Jerry enjoys doing are serving as a referee for junior high girls softball and junior high boys and girls volleyball.

He and Barbara also like to travel in their spare time, mostly to Prescott, San Antonio, and “home” to Chicago.

When asked what contributed to his three wins this year, he said, “My partners. I recognized talent that complemented my abilities. I have little lateral and backward balance, so I sought players who had those qualities. I had a good serve and gave them tips on that. Then I talked them into becoming my partners. Did I win ‘the Triple Crown’ or was I just a partner on two good teams? I think the latter.” By the way, his partner in the Bradshaw/Neu Tournament and Gender Doubles Tournament was Jerzon Vargas. His partner for the Mixed Doubles Tournament was Barb Ludwig. So congratulations to all three.

Don’t forget the Monday Night Free Tennis Clinic with Al Wagner and company, also the Thursday night drop-in tennis for all levels.

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