Neighbors Who Care Clients Enjoy Socials Thanks to Generous Sun Lakes Realtors Who Care

Mary Kay Hobby, Redeemed Team; Dr. William Wilhelm, Neighbors Who Care Board Treasurer; Ramon Rubio, Neighbors Who Care board member; Suzy Steinman, Redeemed Team; and Stephanie Reynolds, realtor and cupcake baker (photo by Mary Kay Hobby of Redeemed Team)

The Sun Lakes real estate marketplace is unique in where it is situated and in the community it serves. But it is unique in another remarkable way. The real estate agents serving the community not only get along, but they have united efforts to bring joy to the lives of isolated senior neighbors.

In December, a group of realtors approached Neighbors Who Care (NWC) to ask, “How can we bring some holiday joy to your vulnerable, isolated clients?” We put on our thinking caps to figure out what it would look like to host something fun for our clients. Most residents of Sun Lakes and Southeast Chandler have heard about Neighbors Who Care and the 13 services offered to seniors who need a little help to remain independent in their homes. We provide transportation to medical appointments, visits to shut-ins, small home repairs, or van trips to grocery stores and Walmart, to name a few. Volunteers with big hearts and generous minds fulfill these services. Yet, bringing clients together for a social event was something Neighbors Who Care had never done.

After a few years of the very isolating pandemic, everyone came to know what it felt like to be at home all alone for long periods of time. These local realtors really wanted to make an event happen that would give some folks who live alone a holiday experience. With the help of Neighbors Who Care’s social worker Bonnie Kosar, a list of our clients who were healthy enough to attend a holiday event was compiled, and invitations were mailed.

That’s when the realtor group was created, now known as Sun Lakes Realtors Who Care. They began planning a holiday luncheon held in December. More than 50 clients responded to the invite, and the group of realtors worked with NWC to transport clients to the event, too. Guests were served a hot holiday meal, and games followed, with every guest leaving with a holiday gift bag. Realtor Suzy Steinmann of The Redeemed Team said back in December that the group was committed to continuing its goodwill into the new year. And in early March, they did it again.

This time, Neighbors Who Care clients were, once again, invited to attend a spring celebration. The group organized a spring luncheon, again with games and, of course, the signature cupcakes everyone adored in December, baked with love by one of the realtors, Stephanie Reynolds, who has a commercial baking background.

The event was generously hosted in the Sun Lakes Baptist Church hall. Here is a listing of the contributing realtors: Keith Carter and Liz Taran, Patricia Curtis, Suzy Steinmann, Jodi Berge, Mary Kay Hobby, and Ben Pollard of the Redeemed Team; Trish and Carey Kolb of the Kolb Team; Joan Hammond, Maria Meyer, Jac McCracken, Renee Greene, Patricia Duffy, Charlee Young, Kathy Reiser, Denise Herrero, and Bruce and Betsy Goetz of the Young Team; Sarah Anderson, Joelle Green, Stephanie Reynolds, Alec Lastovica, Jenny Herrera, and Lisa Pizzuti, along with Allen Fredrickson of VIP Mortgage; and Kori and Marla with Premier Title.

When isolated seniors get an opportunity to enjoy a lunch, play some games, and interact with others, their lives are greatly improved. Studies show that staying social and connected is one important way people remain healthier and maintain their cognitive skills as they age.

The gatherings that Sun Lakes Realtors Who Care have been planning are an important way that business reaches beyond its walls to bring joy to others and bring attention to the good work of Neighbors Who Care. These realtors plan to hold quarterly events for our NWC clients. They are open to hearing about any fun or unique ideas you may have for their next social and hope to increase participation from our clients as time goes on.