Hiking season is almost here

Cadillac North Ridge Trail in Acadia National Park, Maine

Cadillac North Ridge Trail in Acadia National Park, Maine

Judith Kuse

As October brings us ever closer to the onset of the Sun Lakes Hiking Club’s official season, it’s also time for a book recommendation. This book, a true story, will likely whet your appetite for upcoming hiking and exploration, and will certainly entertain those of you who are, or have ever been, in a long-term marital relationship. It’s Dear Bob and Sue, by Matt and Karen Smith.

The Smiths, a couple in their early 50s, have the opportunity to take a year away from work obligations and, avid hikers that they are, decide to visit and hike in all 58 (at that time) National Parks by year’s end. They invite their good friends Bob and Sue to join them; however, Bob and Sue decline.

Thus, the book is a chronicle of Matt’s and/or Karen’s email messages to Bob and Sue.

Not only do the messages string together a richly detailed description of the grandeur, ruggedness and exquisite beauty they experience, but the messages also replay the back-and-forth tension and humor that you soon see is inevitable with this couple as they share an amazing adventure. Upon beginning to read the book, one friend said she was belly-laughing by the fourth page!

If, indeed, this book gets you rarin’ to go on a hike with others who enjoy the varied Arizona landscapes, you may want to stop in at either the Oakwood Open House on October 7 from 9:00 a.m. to noon, or the Cottonwood Open House on October 14, also from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Representatives from the Sun Lakes Hiking Club will be present at both, and you can learn about the club and, perhaps, sign up for an Orientation Hike.

Hiking continues unofficially on Monday mornings during October. If you are interested in October hiking, please contact Stu Frost at 602-332-5676 or email him at [email protected]

The hiking season for the Sun Lakes Hiking Club is November through April. The official scheduled hikes are described on the club website,  meetup.com/sun-lakes-hiking-club.