History of Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association

Since its inception in 1980, the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association (CMGA) has stayed true to its founding purpose of promoting the interest of men’s golf and fostering sportsmanship among all members. In that time over 30 members have served as president of the association. These men are 1980 Frank Bartle, 1981 Caryle Emery, 1982 Jack Dentinger, 1983 Emil Tanassy, 1984 Robert Shriver, 1985 Rusty Campbell, 1986 Hubert Wells, 1987 Edward Troche, 1988 Bill Schubach, 1989 Al Ammerman, 1990 Joe Abrutz, 1991 Frank Smith, 1992 Chuck Pensinger, 1993 Ray Brown, 1994 LeRoy Churchill, 1995 Hal McKenzie, 1996 Larry Reis, 1997 Ed LaCroix, 1998 Hal McKenzie, 1999 Mel Correa, 2000 Marv Pratt, 2001 Bob Ghan, 2002 Les Blaylock, 2003 Jerry Caldwell, 2004 Chuck Bakeman, 2005 Trevor Lloyd, 2006-2008 Bob Schrote, 2008-2011 Joe Ficek, 2011-2013 Bill Greer, 2013-2015 Rick Nelson and 2015-2017 Les Blaylock.

In 1981 the first club championship was held and since that time 34 men have been crowned club champion. These men are 1981 Bob Halsworth, 1982 Vern Beckhelm, 1983 Ken Pattroff, 1984 Jim Harrington, 1985 Al Madinger, 1986 Howard Brown, 1987 Bob Mackinder, 1988 Bob Mackinder, 1989 Burke Barlow, 1990 Howard Brown, 1991 Jack Penn, 1992 Tom Thomas, 1993 Burke Barlow, 1994 Lonnie Garner, 1995 Wayne Sintek, 1996 Bob Hunsick, 1997 Bryce Olsen, 1998 Ken Schnieder, 1999 Hank Hanno, 2000 Hank Hanno, 2001 Tim Shum, 2002 Dick Howell, 2003 Wayne Sintek, 2004 Bob Hunsick, 2005 Meryle Byrnes, 2006 Tim Shum and 2007 Paul Brauer. In 2008 the CMGA added a Seniors Club Champion and a Masters Club Champion to honor our more senior members. The Club Champion in 2008 was Ed Frees, Senior Champion Meryle Byrnes, Masters Champion Vick Lesch; 2009 Club Champion was Rich Johnson, Senior Champion Meryle Byrnes, Masters Champion Vic Lesch; 2010 Club Champion Paul Brauer, Senior Champion Meryle Byrnes, Masters Champion Vic Lesch; 2011 Club Champion Mark Higgs, Senior Champion Meryle Byrnes, Masters Champion Vic Lesch; 2012 Club Champion Rex Wilson, Senior Champion Alan Mince, Masters Champion Bill Bower; 2013 Club Champion Don Dunwoody, Senior Champion Dick Hauge, Masters Champion Ken Pearson; 2014 Club Champion Paul Brauer, Senior Champion Bruce Beelman, Masters Champion Mike White and 2015 Club Champion is Mark Higgs.

CMGA has historically looked upon the Club Championship, President’s Cup and the Ace of Aces as its major tournaments.

The association has always taken seriously its responsibility to schedule tournaments and events that are challenging, yet fair to the individuals involved. That same spirit permeates the work of the organization today as it provides services to members whose ages range from 55 to 90 plus. The goal is to assure all members that they can compete in an atmosphere that is friendly and supportive of their skill levels.

When the association was initially formed it was restricted to men who lived in the Cottonwood and Palo Verde communities. Today CMGA membership is open to men who live in IronOaks and Sun Lakes Country Club as well. Currently over 320 men are active in the association.