Hits & Misses Bowling League

Pat Smith

The Hits & Misses got off to a great start in October. Fewer in number than previous years, but not without enthusiasm and camaraderie. Newly elected officers are Bob Welch, president; Hank Mathias, vice president; and Pat Smith, secretary/treasurer.

Team Thunderstruck with Cece Carson, Roman Abundis, Walt Griffen, and Pat Wilson has been holding onto first place, but is being chased by the Spare Nots, Hank’s Harem, Try Harder, 3 Strikers, and Working on Handicap.

Season High Scores for Men: Scratch Series: Pat Wilson 583, Tim Billman 540, Bob Welch 503; Scratch Game: Steve Hull 232, Roman Abundis 224; Handicap Series: Walt Griffen 709, Keith Meller 693; Handicap Game: Steve Kauffman 258, Hank Mathias 250, Ken Reidenbach 250

Season High Scores for Woman: Scratch Series: Sharon Zubchevich 591, Sheryl Anderson 472, Kathy Wilson 418; Scratch Game: Sandra Sorseck 199, Jackie Baker 168, Lucy Tucker 157; Handicap Series: Cece Carson 752, Fran Bowman 689, Sharon Coontz 657; Handicap Game: Ruth Anderson 259, Pat Smith 248, Inez Scheer 224

We are always open to new faces. It’s not too late to join us for the rest of our season, Jan. 11 to April 12. We bowl at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, with practice at 10:15 a.m., at Kyrene Lanes in Chandler. To join, contact Pat Smith at 720-412-9396 or [email protected].