Hits & Misses Bowling League


Ruth Andersen

December 2020 Scores:

High Scratch Series:

12/07. Men: Rick Bell 571, Hal Newton 521; Women: Tammy Visser 490, Ruth Andersen 457

12/14. Men: Eldon Drenthe 560, Tim Billman 541; Women: Tammy Visser 464, Bobi Lebowich 439

12/21. Men: Hank Mathias 567, Rick Bell 504; Women: Bobi Lebowich 528, Ruth Andersen 462

High Scratch Game:

12/07: Men: Hank Mathias 190, Steve Hull 187; Women: Pat Smith 190, Bobi Lebowich 163

12/14: Men: Bob Welch 204, Hal Newton 186; Women: Ruth Andersen 192, Sheryl Anderson 170

12/21. Men: Hal Newton 221, Tim Billman 191; Women: Pat Schmeckpeper 202, Pat Smith 134

Sorry, no standing sheet for Jan. 4, although our Position Day ended as follows: 1st place Team #6, So Close: Joanne Ragan-Foster, Pat Smith, Dave Dahl, and Steve Hull; 2nd place Team #8, EFPC: Frank Smith, Fran Bowman, Bob Brogan, and Tammy Visser

(The rest of us bowled our little hearts out.)

Jan. 11, 2021, starts our new half season with two new officers: Hal Newton is still our president, Bob Welch our new vice president, and Rick Bell is now our new secretary/treasurer. Rick Bell can be reached at 661-713-8855.