Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Suevonne Negaard

The Ironwood Lady Niners Board started “Zooming” with President Rachel last summer, and we will continue to Zoom through 2021, with President Judy at the controls. The first item of business was self-introductions and responsibilities for elected members.

President: Judy Thompson, and we look forward to her leadership. Welcome back, Judy.

Vice President: Shirley Moore is preparing for her 2022 presidency.

Secretary: Lynn Matassarn exhibited her attention to detail as she recorded the meeting minutes.

Treasurer: Rachel Enloe was quick to answer financial questions (correctly of course).

There have been many, but never enough words of appreciation directed toward Rachel, as she has covered two league leadership positions. Be well soon, Rachel.

Judy, Shirley, Lynn, and Rachel are elected officers. Other leaders on the board are appointed.

Standing Committee Chairs:

Pairings/Games/Scoring: Deb Burns

Ringers: Deborah Poropat

Orientation: Beth ZDeblick

Membership/Handicaps: Janis Gustafson

AGA Representative/Medallions: Holly Toms

Brunch: Carol Knack

Communications: Suevonne Negaard

Outside Invitationals: Vicki Mendenhall

Webmaster: Ann Gavin

Local Invitational: Deb Burns, Deborah Greenwood

Due to the pandemic, we want the membership to be aware that adjustments are likely during our 2021 season. Check the board in the computer room. Some things have already changed.

So, Lady Golfers, Zoom on through 2021.

State Medallion Report:

On Jan. 9, Diane Coughlin and Karen Franz represented our league at the State Medallion Tournament at PebbleCreek Golf Course. We are proud to congratulate Diane and Karen for a second-place finish in their flight.

IWLN 2021 Local Tournament:

Holly Toms, Medallion Committee Chair, 720-280-4992

And now begins our local play dates for the 2021 IWLN Medallion Tournament. The dates are Jan. 20, Feb. 3, Feb. 17, and March 3. A signup sheet is in the computer room, or you can email [email protected] for more information about rules and requirements. She can add your name to the list. The date/place for the 2021 State Tournament has not been determined. Get Zooming, ladies, so you can show the golf world just how great you are.

2020 Ringer Winners Rules and Guidelines:

Deborah Poropat, Ringers Committee Chair, 708-642-3084

Deborah has shared comments about participation in the annual Ringers tournament, along with documents showing the results of the 2020 tournament year. Fifty women signed up for the 2020 year, and 11 of those did not play at least two dates on either front or back nines, so didn’t generate Ringers scores. A number of players won on both the front and back, so a total of 32 different players won. More than one-third of the 2020 season was lost due to the pandemic, so there were many blank playdates. Be certain to register for Ringers prior to the end of January, by paying the $6 fee. Your scores will include all of 2020. You can also join Ringers if you start golfing and pay the $6 Ringer fee along with your membership fee. Your participation will begin the day this happens.

As I complete my first article for the Splash, I encourage you to share any ideas you have to make this a better place to share Lady Niners’ news.