Home Automation for Seniors—Advantages of Aging in Place

David Hocevar

Helen Seaton, PR Director

A Home Automation for Seniors – Advantage of Aging in Place seminar will be presented by the Computer Booters of the East Valley by David Hocevar on Wednesday, March 8, in the Cottonwood Computer Learning Center, at 25630 S. Brentwood Drive, in Sun Lakes. Social time starts at 12:30 p.m. with the meeting beginning at 1 p.m. Members and first-time guests will be eligible for door prizes. The meeting will also be available via Zoom.

Mr. Hocevar is a seven-year resident of Sun Lakes and can speak with direct knowledge on this subject. He has a 98-year-old father who did live independently and transitioned to assisted care living in 2022. David Hocevar’s spouse Carole has experience as an RN hospice nurse and will be at the presentation to answer questions as well. This no-cost seminar will provide helpful information, a chance to see this beautiful community Computer Lab, and an opportunity to join the Computer Club. The seminar will discuss. 1. Aging in Place Does Cost Less. 2. Aging in Place Is More Comfortable. 3. Aging in Place Helps Slow the Aging Process. 4. Aging in Place Strengthens Your Social Network. 5. Aging in Place and Your Self Determination (or Do What You Want).

The second half of the seminar will be discussing technology and assisting equipment that have become a viable option for those who stay in their home rather than move to assisted living facilities. To sum it up, home automation for the elderly is changing lives every single day. There will be no products sold at this meeting, just a review of what items we now have and what items we should be looking for in the future as we live here in Sun Lakes. For more information, feel free to contact David Hocevar directly at [email protected]

More information and help are available in the newsletter and on our website, computerbooters.org. For more information, contact Jeff Ingersoll at [email protected]