Hot Time, Summer in … Sun Lakes!

Pictured (with their jeweler’s magnifying headbands) are four of our 154 members. They are Anita Metzbower and Linda Shanahan (seated) and Don Hodges and Jim Marquis (standing).

Did we say hot? Yes, we have hot ovens that will melt metal into a liquid. Also, we have hot torches that melt solder so that it will stick one piece of silver onto another, and we have lapidary saws that get hot when they are used to cut, slice, and polish rocks. And while it’s really hot outside, we are delighted to have four air-conditioned shops where we are as cool as cucumbers working safely, monitoring, learning, and teaching classes in the fabulous Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club! Check it out at

Sticking around this summer? If you are a “year rounder” like us, you may want to join the Rock Club and then take one of 24 different creative crafts classes. All you have to do is go to our website,, and click on “Shop Schedules” to see all four of our shops’ summer schedules. It doesn’t matter in which HOA you actually reside (within Sun Lakes). As a member of the club, you may visit, take a class, and work independently (after graduating) in any one of the four craft shops located in Sun Lakes Country Club, Cottonwood (two shops), or Oakwood. Watch for a future Splash article highlighting the new Glass Shop in Cottonwood.

Do you like making creative things with your hands? You are definitely not all thumbs! We have qualified instructors who will take you slow and easy, step by step through each of the course procedures so as to indoctrinate you in the safe and creative ways to enjoy your selected craft. Just go to and look over the schedule and then call your instructor to sign up.

Ever notice how the Splash has lots of clubs vying for your attention? We are, too! Coming this fall will be our biggest year ever as one of the largest and, we think, one of the best clubs in Sun Lakes. So, why not give it a shot and enjoy meeting some new friends?

Why can’t we attend any meetings this summer? Because there aren’t any! General meetings are held on the third Monday, October through April, at 10 a.m. in the Navajo Room at Sun Lakes Country Club. Check out our website It’s not hot … but it’s really cool!