How You Can Make a Difference in the 2022 Election

Roxy Banta

Are you tired of all the bad news as we go into the election for 2022? Are you tired of yelling at the TV and wishing things would change? Do you want to be an informed voter who can make a difference this fall?

We have as many ways for you to stop being frustrated as we have ways to take action that will make a difference. By coming to our meetings, you will get a chance to meet and question the candidates in the Aug. 2 Democratic Primary, as well as speak with many fellow Democrats.

We have lots of volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood and beyond. Contact Weldon Knape at the Sun Lakes Democratic Club at [email protected]

The Sun Lakes Democratic Club meeting will be held June 13, in the Navajo Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club, with a meet and greet starting at 6:30 p.m., followed by the meeting at 7 p.m. Our meetings are always open to the public (masks are recommended). We offer in-person, as well as hybrid (Zoom*) meetings. We also will resume food and/or monetary donations to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank with a drop-off point in the parking lot at Sun Lakes Country Club.

Speakers for June:

Kathy Hoffman, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ms. Hoffman, current Superintendent, elected in 2018, is running for re-election this fall. She has spent her entire career working in public education, first as a preschool teacher and then as a speech-language pathologist.

Aaron Lieberman, Candidate for the Democratic nomination for AZ Governor

Formerly a House Representative from LD 28, Mr. Lieberman is also a business man, founding two companies, Jumpstart and Acelero, helping nearly one million children to be prepared for school. Noted for his work across the aisle in the Legislature, he will do the same as governor to advance education in Arizona.

Jennifer Pawlik, LD 13 AZ House Representative

Rep. Pawlik will update us on the 2022 Legislature still in session. As a teacher, she will provide insight to the status of education in our state and why she is running for re-election as an LD 13 House Representative.

Cindy Hans and Michael Morris, Candidates for the Democratic nomination, AZ LD 13 Senate

Ms. Hans and Mr. Morris are in a contested primary for Democratic nomination for the LD 13 AZ Senate Seat.

Also in attendance will be Chandler City Council, Chandler Unified School District School Board, and Maricopa County Community College candidates to address those races in 2022.

If you have any questions, please call Roxy Banta at 480-899-5696 or email [email protected].

*Please email [email protected] for the Zoom link. Provide your name, email address, and phone number.