IMGA Golfer of the Month: Daniel Kiska

Daniel Kiska, IMGA Vice President

Bruce McCorkle

The responsibility of organizing and running the IMGA Member/Guest Tournament falls on the shoulders of our vice president. And it’s a big job! We are fortunate that Daniel Kiska has volunteered to take on that responsibility!

Daniel grew up with four siblings in South Holland, Ill. (a suburb of Chicago). It was a time when the steel business was thriving, as was the community.

His large high school provided him with vocational training opportunities through the VICA program, which was formed in 1920 to “train the future craftsmen of America.”

He enlisted in the Navy after high school and became trained and certified as a radar technician and fire control expert for Terrier Missiles. In addition to harassing the Khomeini forces in the Gulf of Oman, he was privileged to earn the Golden Shellback patch by crossing both the equator and the International Date Line simultaneously.

After his military service, he moved to Arizona, became a union elevator mechanic, and installed hundreds of elevators and escalators, not only in Arizona but all over the country. If you’ve ridden on an escalator anywhere in the Valley, Daniel was probably involved with its installation. In addition to his very technical job, he served as president of Local Union 140 for 15 years.

He and his wife Sheila have been married for 36 years, and she is still his best friend. They both love living in Sun Lakes.

In addition to being a voracious reader, he loves to play golf, especially on weekdays (because that means he is not working).

Dan enjoys the varied IMGA games and making many friends. The IronOaks courses are fun and have distinct challenges.

If you see Dan on the course, he always has a smile and will often say, “It’s the best day ever.”

Thank you, Dan, for your hard work on behalf of IMGA!