Doug Stodgel, IMGA Rules Chairman

Doug Stogdel, Rules Chairman

As a seasoned golfer with 4 handicap, a three-time Club Champion at Oakwood, and someone who has shot his age 25 times in tournament play, Doug is well qualified to serve as our rules chairman. His goal is to help our club understand some of the basic rules that will help us when the situation comes up.

Here are a couple of common questions and answers:

Q1: May I remove stones in the bunkers?

A1: Yes. Stones are loose impediments, and you may remove any loose impediments that are in a bunker, even when your ball came to rest there (Rule 12.2a). But be very careful that your ball does not move. If it does move, you will incur a one-stroke penalty, and you must replace your ball.

Q2: May I touch the sand with my club when my ball is in the bunker?

A2: Touching the sand with your club immediately in front of or behind your ball, during a practice swing or during your backswing, is a penalty (Rule 12.2b(1)). If you do this in match play, it is loss of hole penalty; in stroke play, it is a two-stroke penalty.

Member Guest Tournament

The Member Guest Tournament was a huge success (again). Thanks to all of the volunteers who “made it happen,” especially to Rich Popham, Dan Kiska, and Bob Clark!

Wayne Karp has posted pictures from the tournament on the IMGA website, Click on “Photos and Past Events,” then on “Member Guest 2023.”

First-Place Winners in Their Flight

2/14 Lone Ranger 4 Man: Dick Boscombe, Kevin McCarthy, Jerry Pederson, William Knack, Gary Hodges, Rodney Blane, Joe D’Amore, Chris Kempley

2/14 Individual Low Net: Dale Redger, Rodger Brandt, Paul Beeks, Tom Sornsin

2/21 Individual Low Net: Gary Hodges, John Rolfe, Joe Rizzi, Don Milberger

2/28 Individual Stableford: Larry Wood, Ron Jenks, Jerry Pederson

2/28 Club Championship Round 1: Bruce Pape, Bill Pender, Bruce McCorkle

2/28 Super Senior 75: Bill Swed, John White, Paul Dinardo

2/28 Super Senior 80: Ray Paiva

3/07 Skins: Rich Popham, Mike Scroggins, Dale Goodwin, Rodney Blane, John Carmichael, Larry Gagnon, Joe Rizzi, John Schuler, Jerry Pederson

3/07 Club Championship Round 2: Bruce Pape, Patrick Rather, Bruce McCorkle

3/07 Club Championship Round 2 Super Senior 75: Bill Swed, Chad Coole, Paul Dinardo

3/07 Club Championship Round 2 Super Senior 80: Don Noble

Coming Soon

Member/Member, April 4

Ryder Cup, Nov. 28 and 30

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IMGA Photo Album

An IMGA photo album update will soon be available online. It will help us connect names with faces.

As Doug Stodgel says, “Keep it in the short grass!”