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Bruce McCorkle

Ironwood Club Champion and Super Senior Champion

Well, the Club Champion Tournament is now history. Larry Horner was crowned IMGA Club Champion – for the second year in a row! However, John Chow gave Larry a run for his money. They were tied at 216 after three rounds… so the champion was determined in a playoff.

Don Noble walked away with the Super Senior Championship (for the third year in a row!) with a commanding lead of five strokes! Congratulations to both Larry and Don!

Chits can be used at Stone and Barrel and other facilities.

My wife Carolyn and I recently had out-of-town guests (with two kids) visit us. I had accumulated over $100 in chits, so we decided to treat our four guests to the breakfast buffet at Stone & Barrel and use my chits. It worked like a charm. We were able to do something special for our guests… at no out-of-pocket cost to us (except the tip). I really didn’t need another hat or shirt, so it’s great to have other ways we can spend our winnings. Thanks again to the guys on the MOGA board (and Trish) for making this happen!

Weekly Tournament Results

3/20 AM: 3 Best Ball Net, Team: First Place – Harley Smith, Joseph Morea, Richard Loyd

3/20 PM: 3 Best Ball Net, Team: First Place – Bob Love, Dale Goodwin, Paul Jordan, Don Milberger

4/03 AM: Home and Home with Sun Lakes 1: First Place (tie) – Harry Johnson and Scott Kenyon

4/03 PM: Low Net: Flight #1 – Richard Scranton, Flight #2 Dale Bassi, Flight #3 Rod Richmond, Flight #4 Roy Moser, Flight #5 Bill Schauermann

4/10 AM Beat the Pro: First Place – Russell Cauffman

4/10 PM Beat the Pro: First Place – Bill Betz

Note: Eddy was kind enough to let us all be winners, so we each raked in a whopping $3.50!

Coming Up: Home & Home with Cottonwood: April 24