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Bruce McCorkle

Club Championship:

Unfortunately, the final round of the IMGA Club Championship was rained out, so as of this printing, the results are unknown.

Here are the standings going into the final round:

Blue Flight: Larry Horner holds a 7-stroke lead over Steve Westhoff, an 8-stroke lead over Mark Saylor and an 18-stroke lead over Lloyd Schaeffer.

White Flight: Dale Goodwin leads Chad Coole by 8 strokes.

Black Flight: Bill Schauerman leads Jim Ray by 11 strokes.

75 Flight: Rich Pavlak leads Don Noble by 2 strokes, Jim Todey by 3 strokes and Joe Burke by 4 strokes. This promises to be a close one!

85 Flight: Jim Martin leads Pete Madison and Jack Sanders by 1 stroke… another “nail biter!”

Greens and Grounds:

Bill Ranney, our Greens and Ground Committee Chairman, reports that there is more sand in the bunkers. Yea!

Prize Committee:

Our new Prize Committee Chairman Rich Pavlak is handling his new responsibilities very effectively!


Joe D’Amore announced, “It was with great regret that your IMGA Board of Directors accepted the resignation, which I prefer to call the second retirement, of Danny Smith as our Tournament Chair, effective at the close of the Club Championship on March 12. In the many years that Danny has faithfully served our Association, he has handled more complex issues than at any other time in the history of our Association, and he did it all with great integrity, always keeping in mind what is best for our Association. During his tenure, we allowed members to choose their preferred tee box for most tournaments. In addition, a brand new and very complex system, the Golf Genius system, was imposed upon us by the AGA. Danny spent countless hours becoming a true expert in that system, and then more hours training some of our members in its use. Please thank him when you see him, and wish him a happy and well-deserved second retirement.”

Paul Dinardo has stepped up and will be succeeding Danny, and typical to the kind of person Danny is, he has offered to help Paul out as he learns the ropes.


Bruce McCorkle spoke with Trish regarding the need for a new Trophy Case for the various Ironwood Golf Groups. This is being pursued.

Weekly Tournament Results:

2/12 AM Low Individual Net: Flight 1: John Skoworn, Flight 2: Jim Martin, Flight 3: Donald Niziolek, Flight 4: Larry Gagnon, Flight 5: Bill Lacey, Flight 6: Richard Loyd

2/12 PM Member/Guest: Flight 1: Wayne Karp, Flight 2: Lloyd Entringer, Flight 3: Bill Beltz, Flight 4: Stan Darling, Flight 5: Rich Pavlak, Flight 6: Don Brunner

2/26 3 Ball Net, 4 Man Team: First Place: Dennis Hewitt, Harley Smith, Ronald Wagener, Richard Katz… by one stroke!

3/05 AM 2 Best Balls Net, 4 Man Team: First Place: Dennis Hewitt, Gary Hutchinson, Don Nielsen, Ronald Wagener

Coming Up:

4/04: Home and Home with Sun Lakes