IMGA news and events

Bruce McCorkle

New Members of IMGA Board

Two of IMGA members have “stepped up to the plate” and volunteered to serve on the IMGA Board. Bob Clark is our new vice president. Richard Rathburn is our new chair for the prize committee. Thank you, Bob and Richard, for being willing to serve.

Your Course Handicap is Going Down!

Go to the IMGA website at and click on the box in the upper right-hand corner to find out more. Click on the Lower Playing Handicaps (click here) button to see what your new handicap will be from the blue, white, black, and yellow tees in 2020. Thanks to Wayne Karp for posting this useful information.

No Show Policy

Please review the IMGA no show policy on our website and avoid being blacked out for a week.

Slow Play

As most of you know, slow play is always an issue. We fully appreciate that many of you face physical challenges, but there are non-intrusive ways to improve the pace of play. Some are set out below. We advised the pro shop that the ranger should respectfully encourage a team with at least one open hole in front of them to reasonably increase their pace of play. In the alternative, any team behind that group will be given the option of skipping ahead of that team and then returning later to finish the skipped hole. We stressed to the pro shop that communication is key so that a team is not surprised when another team skips ahead of them. Your patience and understanding will be most appreciated.

Weekly Tournament Results:

11/05 AM: Individual Stableford: Flight 1: 1st place (tie) Richard Popham and Bud Hewitt; Flight 2: 1st place Richard Rathburn; Flight 3: 1st place Gene Valenta; Flight 4: 1st place Tony Garrett; Flight 5: 1st place Bill Schauermann

11/05 PM: Individual Stableford: Flight 1: 1st place Jack Lehmkuhl; Flight 2: 1st place Frank Wellwerts; Flight 3: 1st place Dick Teater; Flight 4: 1st place Wayne Aarestad

10/29 AM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Bob Brower, Jim Martin, Gene Valenta, Michael Kozak

10/29 PM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Mark Saylor, Tim Atkison, Dennis Lee, Thomas Ziolkowski

10/22 AM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Rich Popham, Dale Goodwin, Jerry Pederson, Chris Brown

10/22 PM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Alan Gibbs, Larry Swanson, Craig Annis, Robert Melhuish tied with Howard Dielmann, Gary Hatch, John Rutt

10/15 AM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Tom Bezrutczyk, Mike Willinger, Dan Hewitt, Don Milberger

10/15 PM: 4-Man Scramble: 1st place Bill Pender, Tim Atkison, Dick Winkelman, Thomas Ziolkowski