IMGA News and Events

Bruce McCorkle

IMGA Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

It takes a lot of work to run a successful golf league, and IMGA is fortunate to have some great people who have stepped up to make it a great place to play golf. Some of our volunteers were recognized at Stone & Barrel with a complimentary breakfast. Thanks to all who help with IMGA’s success!

Committee Chairs Agree to Serve

President Joe D’Amore and the executive board expressed their thanks to the following committee chairmen who have agreed to serve in 2020: Dan Smith – Tournaments, Dick Winkelman – Handicaps, Bill Ranney – Greens & Grounds, Richard Rathburn – Prizes, John Davis – Rules, Al McCormick – Food and Beverage, Bruce McCorkle – Publicity, Wayne Karp – Internet.

Net Double Bogey Rule. With the introduction of the World Handicap System, the maximum score a player can post for a single hole for handicap purposes is a Net Double Bogey. Since IMGA enters in all scores hole by hole, the computer program will adjust any scores higher than Net Double Bogey when submitting scores to GHIN. Therefore, players should not make this adjustment on the scorecard, and you are required to write down your actual score on each hole. Note: For your casual play outside of IMGA, you may have to make adjustments on your scorecards if you post your scores to GHIN as one total for 18 holes.

Closest to the Pin Changes. Beginning on Jan. 14, the K-P markers will be changed as follows: handicaps 1-17 changed to handicaps 1-11, and handicaps 18-36 changed to handicaps 12+. Make sure to record your closest to the pins on the right K-P marker to avoid being disqualified.

Tee Box Changes. Members of IMGA have the option to select whatever tee box they want to play. We have five choices: Silver/Yellow, Yellow, Black, White, and Blue. To limit the maintenance on these changes, we are limiting the number or changes and timeframe for changes to one change, two times per year, in the months of January and July. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for medical or other conditions affecting golfers. Please contact the Pro Shop to change your tee box.

Course Conditions. Some members have asked us to implement a lift, clean, and place rule for IMGA play due to the amount of water on the course from irrigation. The Ironwood Pro Shop is responsible for determining when the preferred lies rule should be implemented for the day for IMGA. We will ask our grounds superintendent about reducing the water usage in winter if it is possible.

Upcoming Tournaments: 2/18 Member Guest; 3/03, 3/10, and 3/17 Club Championship