IMGA news and events

John Concannon

The 2016-2017 Season is in full swing with the Ironwood Cup about to wrap up. Results will be published in the next issue of the Splash. However, results can be viewed on the IMGA web page in another week or so.

The annual Member/Guest tournament is scheduled for February 7.

IMGA provided the annual appreciation luncheon for the Ironwood grounds crew on January 11. The grounds crew continues to work hard to maintain a high level of “playability,” and they don’t get too much credit for the efforts. Don’t be hesitant to thank them when the situation presents itself.

A revision to our Rules and Regulations has been proposed by the Board of Directors and posted on the IMGA bulletin boards for membership review. The proposed change will allow members in good standing who live outside the immediate Sun Lakes area to hold office on the board. This will allow for a growing number of non-Sun Lakes residents to participate more fully in IMGA activities. Please take the time to read the proposal so you can vote responsibly when the vote is taken in early February.

Eddy Renio indicated recently that the IronOaks beverage carts, after some early price adjustments, are being accepted and supported by the various leagues as well as open golfers. Hopefully, the support will continue as they become a familiar sight on the course.

Congratulations to Ed Thorn on his recent Ace on the 10th hole. Ed said he used a utility club to score his hole-in-one; a club he said he was using more frequently these days. Ed, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to admit to using a driver on a par three if I scored a hole in one.

I spoke to Barry Ediss recently. He has been out of golf for awhile battling some health issues. He assured me that he is not on his death bed. Barry is a fighter, and he hopes to be back playing golf soon. We look forward to his return to the course and the 19th hole. In the meantime, I’m sure Barry would enjoy receiving a card or a call of encouragement. We all wish you well, Barry.

I ran into another old IMGA member, Duane Keesler, in Bashas’ the other day. Duane has not played golf for several years due to a variety of medical issues. He still looks like the same old “Michigan Stater” I played golf with on Saturday mornings for quite a few years but is currently battling lung cancer. Please take the opportunity to contact Duane is some way to offer support. I’m sure he will appreciate your effort.

The annual Awards luncheon was a success and Jack Holder, as guest speaker, held everyone’s attention. He is a decorated veteran of World War II, and his speech was enjoyed by all.

That’s all for this month!